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Print Specs

AJN newspaper and newspaper style supplements

Fonts & Type

Solid type using one process colour7pt
Coloured type on a white background using two process colours.9pt Bold
Coloured type on a white background using three process colours12pt bold
Reversed (white) type out of one process colour9pt
Reversed (white) type out of two or more process colours (San serif font recommended)12pt Bold

Accepted media

Email (up to 6MB) or file transfers systems eg. Dropbox, Wetransfer, You send it etc. for files over 6MB

We also have a handy file Upload form.

CD Rom

USB flash memory devices


Preferred format

PDF (fonts embedded)

We accept high-resolution pdf files distilled using “Press Quality” job options in Acrobat Distiller.

We only accept pdf files distilled from original InDesign, Illustrator, Quark Xpress or CorelDraw documents.

When setting your PDF preferences, please use the PRESS QUALITY setting to ensure a high resolution file.

Please ensure that all colour is CMYK.

We do not accept pdf files distilled from photoshop, publisher or word documents


When preparing your advertisement in your native program, please ensure that your paper size and your advertisement size are the same.

Registration and trim marks are not required.

Artwork with registration and trim marks will not be accepted.


All colour must be converted to CMYK (not RGB, spot, Pantone, etc.).

Files with RGB or spot colour will not be accepted.

In InDesign and Illustrator preferences please ensure that under “Appearance of Black” the ‘Printing / Exporting’ option is set to “Output all blacks accurately”.

Graphics or Images

We support Illustrator and Photoshop files in EPS

TIFF and JPG formats. Images should be 200dpi (100lpi) at 100%.

All logos should be supplied as either single bitmap or vector artwork.

Dot gain

Please allow for up to 30% dot gain in Photoshop printing inks setup.

Download our colour setting (.csf) file here (right click and choose 'save link as...').

Maximum ink weight

The total ink weight used should not exceed 230%.

If this is exceeded, it can hinder drying, trimming, folding and could scuff or set off.

Download our ink weight instructions pdf.