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Your gateway to the Australian Jewish community.

Through our print editions, iPad & android apps, website and social media reach, The Australian Jewish News has almost 100% penetration into Australia’s Jewish community

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For more than 120 years, The Australian Jewish News has been the voice of Australia’s Jewish community.

With two editions each week - Sydney and Melbourne - The AJN covers local, federal and international news, opinion, arts, lifestyle and sport.

Advertisers looking for a high net-worth niche market are attracted to advertising in The AJN.

Our readership is very well represented in business, the professions, academia and the arts. Singapore Airlines, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of Queensland, Coles and Woolworths are all regular advertisers.

Readership & reach

Print edition:
192,000 readership per month

iPad and e-paper:
3,500 subscribers per month
120,000+ page view per month

facebook & twitter:
Up to 50,000 organic reach per post


Concentrated in the inner south-east of Melbourne and the eastern suburbs of Sydney.


Bachelor degree or higher


33% have an income greater than $156K pa.
Jewish households three times as likely to have an income greater than $104k pa than the rest of Australia.

Information from The Jewish Population of Australia: Key findings from the 2011 Census. Punlished by JCA and Monash Univesity. 2014 is the most comprehensive online news source for Australia’s Jewish community.

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  • 35,000 Unique users
  • 70,000 Impressions
  • Source: Google Analytics (Monthly averages)

    Social reach

  • 3,000+ e-newsletter subscribers
  • Facebook fans
  • 10,000+ app installs
Property Review Weekly

Property Weekly is a full-colour real-estate newspaper reaching in excess of 220,000 readers every week.

Open your home to 220,000 people weekly.

  • Delivered FREE to your door every week
  • Weekly readership in excess of 220,000
  • Letterbox dropped to more than 70,000 homes
  • Inserted into The Australian Jewish News every week
  • Value-added editorial
  • All the latest auction and market results
  • Extensive commercial property focus
  • Wide-ranging residential coverage
  • Informative industry commentary, market trends and analysis
  • Available at selected newsagencies across Melbourne

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